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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Swept Away
Dedicated to My fiance

Submitted by Anonymous

I had known for months that I was to be presenting at a conference in Hawaii. Because work has been so hectic latley, I was thinking it was going to really be a chore going there and honestly, even though I had always wanted to visit, was not anticipating it. My fiance had to work for most of the time I was there, so we would not get much time together and we figured the airfare too expensive for a weekend trip for him.

After I landed on the island, it took less than a day to realize that I have to be here. I met so many amazing, kind people who also fell in love with the islands, quit their jobs and relocated instantly. After all that aloha sunk in, I returned home to subzero temps. I must stay for a few more months, but somehow, I have to get my fiance and son there so they can experience all the incredible things I did. The views, like nothing I have ever seen. The people, so kind and gentle hearted. The air, so fragrant, warm and comforting. It's all I can think of now. I have a dream lately where I am in Oahu doing something, and then I wake up, and I'm really in Minnesota. It's so utterly depressing and I am afraid I will always feel that a part of me is still in Hawaii and I must return-- very soon. Why, dear, kind people with your lovely weather, delicious food, good humor, and entertaining ways, did you have to be so charming that everything else pales in comparison? I wake in the morning wondering what I would do if I was on the islands, and spend all evenings trying to figure out a way to get back. I guess like someone who turned their back on the ocean, I got swept away.

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