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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

New Lease on Life
Dedicated to Eas Challenge

Submitted by Anonymous

My first visit to Hawaii was on the Island of Maui after winning the Body for Life Challenge. Many rewards came after the challenge when I first laid eyes on the Airport in Hawaii. Maui in itself was full of culture and beauty; my love for life and laid back nature made me fill at home. Hawaii gave me a "New Lease on Life", and a goal for the future; to retire in Hawaii at a young age so that I can enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer plus get a few jumps in at the Drop Zone on the Big island. It is easy for one to fall in love with Hawaii and see the endless opportunities that this island paradise has to offer. My stay at Grand Wailea Resort gave me a clear sense of the native hospitality, enjoying a Luau, having coffee at Bad Ass Coffee Shop prior to a Helicopter tour, seeing the waterfall that was featured in Jurassic Park, Humpback Whales playing in the Pacific, driving to the Hana Coast and the many other adventures that Hawaii had to offer only made me love it more and know that this was like a favorite book after you finish , your life changes and you often read it again. Hawaii stole my heart and I revisit the memories made on that island, the many pictures taken while there and my giving spirit makes me want to share Hawaii with family and friends who have not encountered the beauty of Hawaii,a real adventure with endless opportunities. Maui the Valley Isle gave a big boost to my self-esteem much like the Body for Life Challenge; Hawaii allowed me to reinvent myself and take away a lifetime of memories and look forward to making more memories in this land of enchantment.

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