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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Unified Tradition
Dedicated to Papa Bear

Submitted by Melissa

It was the start of a new mellenium and a start of a new relationship. Mercedes and Gabriel had know each other since they were sixteen. They were now twenty and both had been through many relationships. After all those years somehow they just ended up spending all of their time together. They began dating and soon they both knew that this was the one. They continued college, went on Phish Summer Tour together and moved into the mountains three years later. They talk about having a family but know that the smart thing to do is finish school and get jobs first. They always talked of how their wedding would be and how they couldn't wait for their honeymoon in Hawaii. The temptation was always there to just up and move to the beautiful island of Hawaii. If they were to wait until their unification it would be that much more special and the island could always represent that for them. They graduated a couple of years later and both got jobs as teachers in New Jersey.

They got married that August and were whisked away to their long awaited island of Hawaii. The beaches and the hiking were the perfect balance for them and they vowed to come back anytime they felt that they needed to find each other again. This had been the happiest time of their life and they wanted it to be repeated forever.

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