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Love Stories of Hawaii


Steal Away with Me
Dedicated to My Love

Submitted by Anonymous

My Dearest Love:

How I long to sit and look into your eyes. I know I shall find them full of love and laughter. To listen as you share your dreams, desires and hopes. Once it seemed as if time was endless. We could lounge around with nothing to do but be filled with one another.

And now? Where is the time? We rush from activity to activity with barely a moment to gather our thoughts, let alone look adoringly at each other. A quick kiss, a brief touch and a smile as we part in different directions. I know the love is there if only the time would be too.

Shall we steal away? Find our own island paradise? Hawaii is calling with her lovely lush flora and fauna. The warmth of her breezes shall caress our skin as we find a remote spot. The sound of the surf with the gorgeous sunset shall be our picturesque lullaby as we drift into a soothing sleep in each other’s arms. Upon awakening the sunrise will find us gazing once again into our loved filled eyes.

So, my love I leave it to you, will you run away with me? I hear Hawaii, she beckons us… come away with me my darling…let’s take a holiday and fill our lives with our love.

Yours Truly,

Your Love

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