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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to my mother and brother

Submitted by Jackie

For most of our lives - being raised in a strict Catholic family - paradise was always an exclusively religious concept to my three sisters and me. Losing both our only brother and our mother in tragic auto accidents before we were fully-grown somehow drove an emotional wedge between the four of us . . . and our father's hasty remarriage only seemed to make things worse.

As time passed, we spent months, then years without speaking or staying in touch with each other. The absence of our sisters haunted us all to one degree or another . . . until the recent death of my 93-year old grandmother brought us four sisters together one more time - as usual for tragic reasons.

The sheer joy we felt at that brief reunion made each of us vow to stay in touch and to annually renew the bonds that we once shared as sisters and as best friends, despite the geography that separated us.

As chance would have it, one of us - me -- had recently happily settled on the Big Island of Hawaii with her new husband. So I've invited my three sisters - Kathleen, Lorraine and Christine - to come and celebrate life with me for a week in a new kind of paradise . . . a place of beauty and healing that I'm so lucky to call home. And they have each accepted!

With the magical spirit of aloha working on our side, I know I can bring my ohana together once again.

They arrive a week from this Thursday. And even if it rains for that whole week, the sun will be shining brightly in my Hawaiian home this year -- and for many years to come.

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