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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaii: Our Family Vacation
Dedicated to Barry - My Dear Husband

Submitted by Christie

Barry and I had been married for 7 years. We were married at a young age and never really got a honeymoon. After all, wer were poor starving college students. I decided to scrimp and save and surprised Barry with our first honeymoon vacation to Hawaii.

We were so excited, not only had we not been far from home (Washington State), but were going to the most tropical location in the world, HAWAII.

We arrived, what a thrill. I had never seen an airport that wasn't solidly encased. AFter all, it rains a lot in WA and its cold. We slowly meandered our way to the Motel, taking in all the sites and sounds. How glorious it was to see the sun and all sites. Palm trees galore.

On the second morning, I was beginning to feel a little queasy. I thought it was just nerves. I had never been so far from home before. That, and I missed our son. It was the first time we had left him overnight. The upset stomach continued, however. I decided to go to the store to see if the stork was paying us another visit.

Sure enough, my daughter was on her way. That night I planned on telling my husband. So, there on the beach, I told my husband that this vacation was a family vacation.

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