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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Beauty in a secret location.
Dedicated to Jim Lamberson

Submitted by Marie

In our early married life we were young, not understanding the give and take in a marriage. We took each other for granted. Little did we know about paradise until one day LOVE came into our home. We did not know much about love or paradise, and the most beautiful island in the world the Big Island of Hawaii. Love is in the in the air, The fragrance of a flower, the Hawaiian music that touches deep into ones emotions. The lush greenry of the island, the rain, a sail boat drifting by, a man and a woman arm and arm enjoying a sunset, people smiling, and happy people. When our plane landed, we looked into each other eyes and knew that we had been missing something. At last we found Beauty in a Secret Location, our Hearts. Hawaii had put love back into our hearts one for another. The most beautiful scene in the world is when a man and a women truly love and respect each other. You can't see the heart, but you can tell if it has been kissed by paradise. The Beauty of an Island can find your heart and put love back into it. May the fragrance of a Plumeria keep you in good company.

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