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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dedicated to the warmth of Hawaii

Submitted by Susan

Two years ago, my husband and I traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii. We flew from the mainland. As we were getting to our seats, ready to fly to our vacation, a group of standby passengers came on board, a couple with their son and daughter. They were having to make a difficult decision to split have one parent by themselves and the other with two children. I was sitting next to my husband. In front of me was a single seat available. As parents who love to travel,we understand how difficult it is to split up your family. My husband John and I quickly suggested that we exchange one of our seats with one of their children so at least one parent could sit with a child.

My husband, John and Milley talked throughout the trip. We later found out that Milley had been in Seattle at Fred Hutchinson Cancer clinic for treatment. Her husband and the kids traveled to pick her up. She had spent a number of weeks by herself having radiation treatment and they were going home.

In the conversation, John heard that Milley's oldest son was having a high school football game that weekend and invited us to attend. We actually attended the football game. It was a blast! It was fun with all the families lined up with their tailgate parties. And the food! Milley made a number of hawaiian specialties just for us and they were wonderful. I love Hawaii for not only is the weather warm, the landscape is beautiful and the people are generous and caring. For that weekend, we felt like part of an extended loving family. We love to visit Hawaii whenever we can.

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