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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

An Anniversary to Remember
Dedicated to My husband Rusty

Submitted by Tammie

I have been married to the most wonderful man for 25 years. We have two grown children. We had our children while we were young for two reasons. One - we wanted to be active, involved parents and two - we wanted to still be young enough to enjoy traveling and each other after the kids were gone. Our 25th anniversary was September 29, 2003. Rusty and I have said over the past few years that we would love to go to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary. Early in 2003 we started planning and saving and our dream second honeymoon came true. We just returned from the most wonderful trip of our lives. We spent nine spectacular days on the island of Oahu. We had planned our trip so we could be there during the winter months. We both had specific requests for our vacation and mine was to see the whales that visit the islands during the winter. What a wonderful experience that was. Not only did we get to see 3 different pods of whales but we also saw a school of spinner dolphins. Rusty's only request was to play golf on one of the beautiful courses that Oahu had to offer. We chose the Coral Creek Country Club. We were picked up at our hotel in a limo and spent the afternoon on a course that offered terrific views. The #10 hole with the waterfall is a beautiful setting. Our vacation didn't end there. We went to a luau, took a very informative tour around the island, visited the Arizona Memorial on Pearl Harbor, but, our favorite activity was snorkling in Hanuama Bay. We spent two hours and were amazed at the fish and sea life we were able to see. That was truely an experience of a lifetime. Our trip to Hawaii was, without a doubt, the best thing we have ever done together. We will never forget the beautiful scenery, tropical breezes, ABC stores, but most of all the great people and new ohana (family) that we met. Thank you for making our trip so special. Rusty, to be able to take a romantic sunset walk on the beach, in Hawaii, was a dream come true. Let's go back soon!

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