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Love Stories of Hawaii


Only a phone call away...
Dedicated to Ron

Submitted by Sally

Hawaii was the chosen place for many people, but for us it is one of our memories that will stay in our minds and hearts for the rest of our life together.

Our story started when Ron and I met under unusual circumstances. I was the contact person in a real estate ad for a friend who was trying to rent his house but lived in another city several hours away. Ron was looking for a place to rent with a possible "option to buy." I answered the phone the evening he called and we started an amazing relationship.

At first it was a two hour phone conversation, but after he asked if it was permissible to call me back sometime, it progressed to longer calls, more often over the period of several weeks. Even though my coworkers and friends warned me that it was dangerous to meet people in this manner, I finally agreed and we met two days after Christmas in 1987.

Along with my eight year old son, Matthew, I brought a thermos of hot chocolate. In case this guy was a no show for a picnic, we would at least have a nice day together in the sunshine at Squaw Peak Park. Ron brought chicken little sandwiches from the local KFC.

I had no preconcieved notions of how he would be or what would become of us, but it didn't matter as we had some of the best conversations that two people could have. Maybe that is why things worked out so well.

We have been together ever since.

Ron and I tied the knot on the beautiful Garden Isle of Kaua'i on April 13th, 1995. Matthew was there to give me away and share the day. We love the Islands and hope to go back for our tenth anniversary, but that may not happen since the eight year old has since grown up and plans to marry in May of 2005.

Oh and if you should ask Ron how we met, chances are he'll say "On the phone...I called 1-800-hot-babe."

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