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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Traveling At Fifty.
Dedicated to My Wife Of 30t Years Cynthia

Submitted by Kevin

i could not think of another gift that would be so cool. Why not go to Hawaii , the 50th state for a celeberation of both of us turning fifty. I am sure glad that hawaii and not alaska was the state that won the honor of number fifty, afterall hawaii49 does not have that certain ring to it, book em deno. So back in Dec of 2001 I decided to look for the best travel deal to hawaii around. I started by going to the website google and punched in those great letters H-a_-w-a-i-i and one of the sites that came up was your man tours. I went to the site and everything sounded great. 4 islands in 15 days. What a vacation that would be.And it was and more. I forgot to mention that this was going to be my first time flying on a jet. Years earlier i had flown for one of those ten dollar little airplane rides, and rode in a tethered hot air ballon. So think about this, my one vacation to hawaii would mean flying in 10 different airplanes, ho boy, didnt even get airsick in one. The trip was well worth going in debt for, for Hawaii is truly a little piece of heaven on earth. And if you need a gift idea for that magically birthday at 50 why not spend it in Hawaii or nations fifth state. Mahalo kevin kuczynski

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