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Love Stories of Hawaii


Nothing Matters But Our Love
Dedicated to Ronald E Powell

Submitted by Valerie

It was all set, the wedding day planned! I was very excited. After being a high school bride trying to do the right thing and being married to someone who cheated on me I finaly found him. My soul mate. Could it be? It was amazing! Here was a man who treated my children from two different spouses like they were his own. Did not judge me for anything prior to meeting him. Life was wonderful and then it happened. My back went out. The last three discs in my back are bad and all of the sudden out of the blue wham! I couldnt hardly stand up. After a long history of trouble with back pain, I had had several years of being just fine. So you can imagine how devestated I was here going to be a new bride soon to a man I felt was soul mate for first time in my life. I was at a weight I was comfortable with and looked better than I had looked in years. I was for the first time a hottie! lol With going through doctors and chiropractic appointments ect and medicians for a long period of time I was getting very depressed. See my husband is eight years younger than myself. So I went to a Doctor at Ohio State University and he was one of the best. He said to me "Valerie, if your not comfortable with having surgery dont do it." So I couldnt go through with what I felt was my only option. I was so down at this point. Our wedding date that we had finally worked out to be followed by our honeymoon in Hawaii was put to a halt. I called off the wedding to my husband because I was afraid of what life for him would be like with a person with a disability. I didnt know what my life was gonna be like then. They told me that may be the best I would ever be with my back. And that was constant pain, not being able to stand longer than few minutes ect. I had gained over the course of a year and few months about 40lbs because of being so depressed and inactive. None of this mattered to my husband. He stayed by my side through it all and said that he would love me no matter what shape I was in. Wether it was not being able to walk or alot of weight gain it didnt matter to him. Well I ended up through a long process of being inquizative that I could get these fairly new to our area steroid shots right into my spinal area ever so carefully. One fasle move and im paralyzed. Well they worked! I was so happy and so was he. He asked me to set another date and I was upset at my weight but I thought this man loves me and He still wants to marry me knowing it could come back but after all the weight gain he didnt care. So we went through all of the wedding planning ect but at this point could no longer afford Hawaii or vacation time. So we were married and had a big celebration with family and friends and have been happy ever since. We now have a three year old together along with my other two girls from prior marriages and we are a wonderful family but will probably never be able to go to Hawaii on our own untill kids are grown and out of house. I would love to do something for him more than me because he had chose Hawaii as the most romantic spot for couples in his eyes and he wanted it to be perfect. I would do anything for him, that is why im writing this. I dont normally do this type of thing. Thank you very much and im sure your choices are gonna be hard but if we lose just say a little prayer for our family if you could and tyvm. Valerie Powell

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