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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

1000 Butteflies
Dedicated to S.h.

Submitted by L.g

Remember when your first Love looked at you that special way for the first time?...... OMG- a feeling that was so young and innocent, and yet maybe...just maybe thats why they say your True first love, is never forgotten.....

Maybe it's because of the 1000 butterflies you had in your tummy, you know, the ones that were flying around in your stomache and made you feel like you were gonna throw up because they took control over your body......

I loved the feeling though, it's funny when you think back like that and how every little emotion effects our lives...and it's amazing how THOSE first feelings like that are so impressionable and can stay with you for so many years....i'll never forget the man that gave me those bazillion butterflies, even if they did make me feel sick....guess "CHICAGO" said it all when they said "Take me as I am" even if I might hurl on you because I'm so excited....hehe...

Reflections are wonderful...and so are 1000 Butterflies...wish I was in Hawaii to catch the bazillion butteflies I had back then.


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