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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Hawaiian Dream
Dedicated to Bernadette

Submitted by Colleen

As we were two young girls, we always dreamed of taking a vacation to hawaii! And at the Age of 31 and 28 we still have yet to make the dream come alive! Well my Best Friend my cousin who was one of the two young girls will be getting married in 2005! And I thought to myself WOW! I may be able to make the dream come alive for one of us! She doesn't have much money the average working couple! Which they would more than likely not be able to afford a trip to Hawaii in the budget otherwise! I'm thinking how else could this day be more memorable for her and I thought a vacation to Hawaii ! That would be perfect! Where else can you go and be in Paradise? I would do anything for her! If I had the money myself! I would send her in a heartbeat! I would love to be able to say Aloha my dear you are honeymooning in Hawaii ! What a Dream come true!

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