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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Oriental Treasure
Dedicated to My Daughter Mizumi

Submitted by Gayanne

There is a story about being "made in Japan" but born in the USA! "Mizumi" is a Japanese word meaning: lake of water. It was derived from her Japanese father, Katsuhito's surname of "Rokugawa" meaning: 6 Rivers. I was going to use the name: "Katsumi" from Katsuhito, but the name "Mizumi" became more beautiful. As many girls in Japan are called: Izumi, meaning a fountain or spring of water. And you can ask: "O mizu kudasai?" A glass of water please? If you use: "umi" that is the ocean or sea. I'm an American mother who fell in secret love with the Japanese guy next door & our love of East & West flowed into a "Lake of Water" called "Mizumi" and I have a dream to bring this beautiful daughter to the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii where she can blossom into the most beautiful "Oriental Treasure" I have ever known! Love, Mom

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