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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to Kathy

Submitted by Mike

Kathy and I were married March 1968, I was working for $2.00 per hour, so a honeymoon was out of the question, but one day it will happen. I never thought it would take us 35 years, but it did. Take into account two children came along, and we had responsibilities and priorities. However, some day, we will take a honeymoon and it will be Hawaii. Why not set your goals high? Years flew by and before you know it, 35 years of marriage was creeping up on us and come hell or high water we were going to Hawaii for our 35th wedding anniversary. How perfect - best friends, 35th wedding anniversary, Hawaii, and still in love with each other, actually more now than in the beginning. We were also going to renew our wedding vows in paradise. I couldn't think of anything more romantic. PERFECT!!! We had saved around $4,000 to help with the honeymoon, although we knew we needed a lot more. Our plans were to do everything we wanted; cost was not going to slow us down. In the fall of 2002, we contacted a travel agent and within a couple weeks, we had our tickets for March 2003. Our plane was going to leave on a Wednesday and that was a winter from hell in Iowa. Every Wednesday, we had a two-day blizzard. Either Kathy or I was stuck in the town where we work and unable to get home. All I could think of is my trip to Hawaii. Kathy and I had never flown and we were both scared to death - long flight, over water, and general anxiety just thinking about flying. We went to Des Moines on a Tuesday night to make sure we were close to the airport, in fact we stayed inn a motel across the street from the airport. Our daughter who lives in Des Moines and our to-be son-in-law came to the motel and we went out for dinner. I had gotten a prescription for antianxiety pills to make it through the flight. Words cannot describe how it felt, words could not describe the incredible romantic feelings we were both having. It certainly felt like a dream world, not only because it was our first ever tropical vacation, but it was Hawaii. Mission accomplished. We vowed we would come back in five years, however, the 2003 honeymoon is not yet paid for and I actually feel warm fuzzies when I write out that monthly payment. Was it worth going into debt? YES!!!

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