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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

A Broken Heart
Dedicated to S.h.

Submitted by L.g

My heart has been broken into a million pieces it see I really messed up and lost the man of my dreams...

Many years have gone by and we both have moved on...but the pieces of my heart have never reformed..

It's crazy you see cuz I'm married and so is he....but the thoughts of him have never left me...

Sometimes I wonder if our paths will ever re-meet, or if the memories will just have to stay bitter sweet..

I try and I try to shake it you see..but when I go to sleep he's all that I see..

I think of him daily, as that never stops it seems, I wonder and wonder does he think about me?

To be in Hawaii for a restful retreat would be so awesome if we were to ever meet...the Islands karma I'm sure would soak in, and maybe he wouldn't storm out on me again..

I know that day will never come, but in my heart the memories will always live on. (our secret place,lake company,mr bottle)

forever & always

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