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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Blissful Wish
Dedicated to My Husband-to-be

Submitted by Jane

Falling in Love, can be as sweetly relaxed as a hot summer's day in California.

Three years ago we met for the first time on a blind date. Numbers were exchanged and conversations began. It was as if we started a conversation that lasted days, then months, and now with plans it will be happily ever after.

Every day I thank the Lord up above for sending me my perfect mate. Sometimes, I think could it have been all those falling stars that I took the time to place my wish? Whomever I have to thank... I thank you because I no longer have to wait. I have my Love and he will be with me till death do us part.

The date is set for 11-29-03. With the Love of my life by my side, friends, family, tiki torches lit, graceful sways of hula girls, sounds and scents of sweet Hawaii, I vow to say, "I DO" to you and only you.

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