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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

It Must Have Been The Water
Dedicated to My Family

Submitted by Nick

After having visited Honolulu in 1968, the 50th State beckoned a few years later on a permanent basis. I arrived a month before my wife, Barbara, and our two sons, Marc and Jeff. I found an apartment and proceeded to look for a job. Luckily I landed a PR job with the Milici Ad Agency. Soon, my family arrived and almost at once, Barbara became "with child." Nine months later, Barbara's doctor at Queens Medical Center joined me in the waiting room and, with a wide grin, exclaimed," You have your third son." He then laughed and said, "IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE WATER!"

I rushed into my wife's room, hugged her and said, "We have to give our boy a Hawaiian name." She looked up at me, raised an eyebrow and asked," What about naming him after our good friend, entertainer Kalani Kinimaka?"

That was 30 years ago. We're back on the mainland but David Kalani Sylvester remains our greatest Hawaiian accomplishment.

Wonderful part of our lives.

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