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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Aloha... I love you.
Dedicated to My Dad

Submitted by Linda

"Aloha"... such a simple word from Hawaii, with such a warm meaning..."hello, welcome, glad you're here."

I was only nine and unaware of what a war really was, all I knew about war was that it took my dad far from home and I missed him so. My brother and I worked to maintain dad's approval by doing well is school, following the rules, and doing all we could to please him, and yet fearful he might leave forever and never return. What do kids know... they know and understand a lot and when the time came for dad to leave for his West Pac, we were even more fearful of him not returning home ever.

Nightly we would say our prayers "God bless Daddy, and keep him safe" and daily we would write to him, including a small token of our love, a picture we had drawn just for him. The joy was receiving word from him that he had received our letters and kept them close by to look at and remind him of our love.

Dad was the best and after a long time word came that he was coming home. We could hardly contain our joy and excitement as the days were marked off on the calendar for his return. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the day came and we met the ship with banners and signs saying "Welcome home DAD, we love you." After many months of waiting the last hour seemed to be longest and when Dad finally walked down the ramp, we could no longer contain ourselves and ran to his open arms with tears streaming down our faces, our hearts racing, and a smile that spread across our face from ear to ear. That's when we heard the word, "Aloha, I love you." Such a simple sounding word but one I will remember forever. Dad was home and we were a family again.

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