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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Anniversary for Three
Dedicated to Andy, my shutterbug son

Submitted by Cathy

It was an unusual idea but oh, so practical! A 25th wedding anniversary trip was special. However, we had an eleven-year old son, Andy, and no one to leave him with while we celebrated in Hawaii. Why couldn't he go, too? What an opportunity for him! Furthermore, he was never any trouble. We could still enjoy a boat ride at sunset and attend a luau.

The closeness my husband and I felt for each other grew as we watched our son splashing in the ocean, eating fish jerky, and clicking an underwater camera at Hanama Bay. We all benefited from a tour of Oahu from pineapple fields to Diamond Head. He learned history at Pearl Harbor and was introduced to "exotic" wares at the International Market.

It was on this beautiful trip that Andy's love of photography developed. His picture of an aquarium tank is one of the best I've ever seen. Today he is a studio photographer. His college courses include communications with emphasis in photography. This Hawaiian vacation did more than help us celebrate... it started him on a career for life.

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