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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Renewal
Dedicated to Dedicated to the one I love

Submitted by Michael

How to start this story, I was a single guy, not looking for anyone at the time, because I just got out of a bad marriage. I was out with the guys one night at a dance, when I saw the most prettiest women at the dance all by herself. I pointed her out to my friends and they said she is out of your league but I ignored them and I went over to ask her to dance. We danced most of the night and then we talked we were the last people to leave that night. I thought the guys were right because she was from the big city of Boston and I was from Vermont just like two different worlds. We worked our differences out and she showed me what it was to live and love again. We have been married now for 8 years the Whole time we have been married she has always wanted to go to Hawaii, she had a picture of Hawaii on the frig at our house from the time we got married. I told her we will go you can count on it, so we would put money away to go but have to use it from something else, you know how it is, well it took us 7 years to get there but we did it. I have always thought I have married the most prettiest thing in the world but I was wrong when I seen Hawaii for first time I realized I married the prettiest women in the world and when I seen the look on her face at the first sunset when we got there it was the same look I seen at the dance the first time we met. Just then I told myself I would marry this women over and over so we did. We renewed our wedding vows that day in the Fern Grotto and that was the best thing we have done and I know we will go back but until then, I have the prettiest women and Hawaii has the prettiest sunsets. I know I will get them back together someday and I hope it is soon.

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