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Love Stories of Hawaii


Rich in Love
Dedicated to My Fiance Nick Christ

Submitted by Bianca

My Fiance Nick tossed a pearl white envelope onto the coffee table.
"My friend is getting married."
"Really!" Where is it going to be at?"
"Hawaii." said Nick nonchalantly.
"Hawaii!" I exclaimed. "Oh what a glorious wedding that would be right during sunset, with the bright blue ocean as a back drop and the white sands surrounding us!"
I could almost feel the warm wind blowing through my white dress with Nick standing by my side. How romantic!
Nick solemnly turned towards me.
"Bianca you know if I could I would give you the wedding of your dreams. But, I can't even take you on a honeymoon to Hawaii, let alone have a wedding there!
I bursted out laughing
"Nick don't worry I may fantasize but I know our circumstances. I love you and that is all that matters.
Nick's eyes welled up with tears and said, "I love you too."
We were students and we couldn't afford much of anything. All our money was spent on school, including the little money that was saved on a small wedding. We were now in the class of those who knew how to cook noodles 101 ways. Still there was to be a ceremony and an open house where friends and family could come to visit. It would be beautiful.
Soon the day arrived...
"That was a beautiful ceremony Nick!"
Nicks eyes just shined back at me in silence.
"I want to show you something Bianca, it is a little surprise."
"Really, I love surprises."
"Come on, I will take you there, but you have to close your eyes"
We jumped in his car and drove for sometime before we stopped. All I heard was the whispering of the wind. He led me up some concrete stairs.
"Okay now open your eyes."
So I did.
All these people from nowhere jumped out and screamed, "Surprise!"
"I was bewildered at first, wondering what this could be?"
Twinkly lights draped everywhere and wrapped around white glittery palm trees. Gorgeous bright orchids spread their presence among the appreciated admirers. Tall men in chef's hats hastily served dishes of Hawaiian food. I heard the sound of ocean waves and soft Hawaiian music in the background. We were in the back of some beautiful mansion with a breathtaking landscape.
"All these people heard of our situation and pitched in to make this happen," said Nick.
He picked a white orchid near me and placed it behind my ear.
Besides, if I wasn't able to bring you to Hawaii, I thought I would bring Hawaii to you.
I started crying, all this wonderful, thoughtful support fell close to my heart. What a wonderful moment this was. There was a beautiful view where a glorious sunset fell upon the night sky. A bright blue swimming pool glistened by the light of the night torches and sand brought from the lake surrounded us. The wind blew through my white dress with Nick standing by my side. What a romantic moment.

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