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Love Stories of Hawaii


Surprise Wedding
Dedicated to Albert A. Spence

Submitted by Deborah

I got engaged and married all on the same day. It was the greatest day of my life, I had a surprise wedding. Let me say that I really did not have a clue, as to what was going on, nothing ever changed to even give me any indication.

So here is my story, on the night of October 25, we went out to dinner and my finance (now husband) said that since he did not do anything for my birthday (which was Oct 1, 2002) that he wanted to do a day of pampering for me on Saturday (which was Oct 26, 2002). So on Saturday morning he had a limousine to pick me up at our home and take me to have my nails done first and then on to the hairdresser to have my hair done.

He gave me a list which stated what time I needed to be at the hairdresser and what time I needed to be at the nail salon. Upon my return home the list said that he would have lunch already prepared for me, and that we would be going out somewhere elegant for dinner that night.

When I finally arrived back home, in my living room were three women (all of whom I know, his sister and two of my good girlfriends). Well immediately I thought something was wrong, they asked me to come sit down which I did, asked how I was doing. One of my girlfriends proceeded to say that they were there to help me with my special day. I replied help with what special day, she say to help you get dressed, I replied dressed for what, she replied for your wedding day. My reply was your kidding, no your kidding, his sister said no we are not kidding because I came all the way from Charlotte, SC.

Well, when I realized that they were not kidding, I immediately broke down crying. Then from a outer room of the house, came a photographer (a friend of ours) and a videotographer (his brother-in-law). I was totally surprised and so very emotional. Once I was able to compose myself and get up, they proceeded to take me upstairs. Hanging on my door was the most gorgeous dress that I have ever seen. Laying on the bed was an assortment of each, (bras, underwear, stockings, slips and shoes) all the things I needed to get dressed. He even had a makeup person come to the house to assist me. I was so overwhelmed I could not believe this was happening. I said to my now sister-in-law, I have not contacted anyone. Her reply he has taken care of everything (meaning invitations, caterer, flowers, rings, cake, hall, just everything that needed to be done). After about half hour or so of crying, I was finally able to get dressed. Once everyone else was dressed we proceeded to get in the limousine to go to what I thought was our church. Well we pull up at this elegant building called Martin's West (it is a very plush and beautiful building). Once there I figured I would just go in and everyone would be there because they knew what was happening. I was then informed that no one else knew, not even my family. His sister explained to me that when the invitations went out, he simply said that they were coming to a surprise affair for Deborah P. Carter (which is me) and to bring a checkbook, camera and photo identification, dress was formal and be on time. So when I arrived at Martin's I was whisked in the back door and taken upstairs to the bridal suite, which is where I stayed until my entrance in the ballroom. All the while downstairs my (finance) now husband was greeting people as if nothing was going on, he even had on a plain black suit. My understanding is that about 20 minutes or so before I came down, he changed his top coat into a white tuxedo top coat, then the programs where distributed and the junior groomsmen pulled back the runner. People then began to realize that it was a wedding.

But get this, once I walked down the isle and stopped in front of the pastor, out came my finance (now husband) and dropped on his knees and asked me to marry him. I tell you that was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me.

We spent our honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii. What a simply breathtaking place, which I would love to visit again. My husband has always made sure that I never wanted for anything and before we were married. I unfortunately do not make nearly as much as he does, but have always wanted to one day suprise him with a trip, and back to Hawaii would be a great trip.

I am not writing this story just because we got married, people do that everyday. I am writing because of the love and thoughtfulness that was put into this fairy tale wedding (this is what I call it). I want the whole world to know the kind of special man that I married.

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