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Love Stories of Hawaii


And I'll Marry Her Again...
Dedicated to My loving wife Betty

Submitted by Ray

I met my wife over 32 years ago-soon after I finished high school. She was already a college student when we met so I always kid her about falling for a younger man. We fell in love and married young. I was only 21 and she was 23.

We got into the American way of life with a mortgage and bills. We had two lovely daughters. We never had much of a honeymoon, so I surprised the family and planned a vacation/honeymoon to Hawaii in July of 1988. The vacation just happened to coincide with our 13th wedding anniversary, so I remarried her on the beach near Diamond Head with our two daughters as our witnesses and bridesmaids.

July of 2004 will be our 30th anniversary and I'd like to surprise her by marrying her again in Hawaii since we both love the islands so much.

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