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Love Stories of Hawaii


Jaime to David
Dedicated to Jaime and David

Submitted by Tambi

My daughter Jaime met David about 6 years ago and flirted back and forth experiencing young love after the second year. Finally David asked Jaime out on the ferris wheel at the Alabama State Fair with myself and friends. Each day, month and year everyone could see how they're love grew. Every year for their anniversary the same group would go back to the fair and on their 3rd anniversary at the top of the ferris wheel David got down on one knee and proposed. Their wedding had a garden theme that looked like it could have been Hawaii. Jaime and David wished they could have gone to Hawaii for their honeymoon but I was put in the hospital days later and they had to cut any honeymoon plans short. But they will always have dreams of going to the wonderful beaches in Hawaii along with myself. I came through Hawaii once when I was a little girl and say it from a plane. I guess a trip to Hawaii would be a romantic trip for them since I messed up their honeymoon.

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