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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Sunset Tears
Dedicated to Duke

Submitted by Virginia

It was my life long dream to go to Hawaii. I aways thought my husbad would come with me. But on Feb. 14 1986 he was in a very serious accidet, crused head to foot. So flying for him is almost impossable. Couldn't afford first class,for him to have room for his leg that dosen't bend very good. But he knew how much a trip to Hawaii ment to me so he told to go ahead and go. So in October 1997 He gave me a kiss as I was leaving for the airport, and told me to go live my dream. I stayed on Kauai, and fell in love the islands. Have been to Ohau and Hawaii too, But I left part of my heart and soul on Kauai. When I was taking off from Kauai on my last trip, the sun had just touched the ocean. With tears on my cheeks I watchd the sunset. The only thing that could have made that trip better would have been if my husband could have seen it with me. June the 18th will be our 35th anaversary. I am very lucky to still hvae him with me. But a trip with him to Hawaii would be wounderful.

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