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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Goldless Silver Anniversary
Dedicated to Susan, my lovely red-haired bride

Submitted by Mark

Before Susan and I were to married on September 9, 1978, my father offered to send the newlyweds to a tropical climate for our honeymoon. I imagined romance, warm sun, expansive sandy beach, the pounding surf, palm trees, candlelight dinners, and drinks served with those little umbrellas.

My hard-headed bride to be, however, got it her way: canoeing in remote Canada, battling wind, cold, and driving rain. It was a memorable honeymoon. At least we had pounding surf and we used umbrellas to try to keep our shivering bodies dry. The hardships we endured on that trip have perhaps made the marriage seem easy in comparison.

Almost twenty-five years have flown, my father has passed, his deal is over, our girls are almost grown, and I have not been financially able to show my wife what kind of honeymoon I had in mind:


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