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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

What a wonderful life...
Dedicated to my husband Steve

Submitted by Cindy

I am writing about my husband (soon to be 13 years). We had met in 1985 and dated a few times. I was a newly divorced mother of three (3) and he was a swinging bachelor. Like I said we dated a few times but he was very honest with me and said he couldn't commit to me and my children. Well, about four years later, (a marriage later for him) while I was bartending to supplement my income, he walked through the door. That was in October of 1989. We have been together ever since. We married quietly on a Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm in my living room on the 6th of February in 1991. We decided on that day because we both had the day off from work! My three children were there to witness our committment.
Steve has been the our guiding light ever since. My three (now grown) chilren and Steve are very close to one another. We have 5 grandchildren ranging from 4 1/2 years to 5 weeks. He is their primary grampa and is the most committed family man I know.

We never had a "real" wedding but we have the most real marriage of any couple we know.
We are still young enough (early 40's) to enjoy our family and each other. We have always wanted to visit Hawaii and if we go we will renew our wedding vows when we do.

As you can imagine, being married on a Wednesday because we had the day off, led to not having a honeymoon at all. We have always said that someday we would go to Hawaii and even if we have to wait another 13 years we will get there somehow. Thank you for your time...hope to visit your beautiful exotic islands soon.

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