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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Hawaiian Wedding
Dedicated to Ryan Johnson

Submitted by Pearl

My fiance and I are excited to be married in Hawaii just as soon as we can get things planned and enough money saved. We've been together for almost 2 1/2 years, and he is the love of my life. He writes love letters to me, leaving them in my purse or my car, sometimes my jacket pockets. I've never felt so loved by anyone. Hawaii holds a very special significance for us. The culture calls to me, the facinating and beautiful dancing, the untamable oceans, the language and song of the Island of Aloha. Something about it makes my heart race with excitement. Hawaii is our dream. My wedding band will have blue Peruvian Opals to mirror the crystal ocean that we will take our vows along side. My dress will be snow white and billowing with fabric. Silly, perhaps, but I plan to dip the hem into the waters of the Pacific and stain it with sand. That will be something I will look at that will always fill my heart with joy. I know that whatever Ryan and I face durring our marriage, the memory of our wedding in Hawaii will forever blaze through like a bright ray of sunlight, bringing us the happiness that day promises to me now. My breath catches and my dreams strive to unfold...our Hawaiian wedding come true.

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