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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

A Dream For My Dream Come True
Dedicated to Jay Castleman

Submitted by Lorianna

Learning from the school of hard knocks, Jay has spent his life being dealt a poor hand. His attitude toward this, however, is what has set him apart. He doesn't complain. He gets up, he does what he needs to do, and he believes that it is his responsibility to make good things happen in his life. Underlying this chivalrous sense of self-responsibility is a compassion and concern for those around him. He has a gentle, thoughtful, giving nature, and a loyalty towards others, which has caused him to be well loved and accepted by everyone he meets.

My own meeting with Jay happened on August 24, 2002 - my 21st birthday - and we have been together ever since. While all relationships have their ups and downs, Jay has made it overwhelmingly clear to me that I am the most intelligent, caring, respectful, loving, beautiful, wonderful person he has ever met, and that he is blessed to have met me. I can see that I mean the world to him every time he looks into my eyes.

He has fulfilled a dream of mine - to find someone so wonderful, and I want so much to fulfill his dreams in return. For whatever reason Jay doesn't talk about dreams very much - I don't know if it is a fear of disappointment, but he has only mentioned a few - to finish building his 1968 Camaro, to visit Ocracoke Island again (the place he and his family used to vacation every summer when he was a child), to get married on a beach, and to go to Hawaii someday.

So, I am trying to plan a surprise trip to Hawaii for this coming February 2004. We will have been dating for two and a half years at this point, and it marks his 25th birthday (Feb. 8th), our second Valentine's Day, and his graduation from school. For him this is a huge point in life - a beginning and an ending. He has spent the last year and a half working so hard so that he can build a life. I feel it is the perfect time to say, "Jay - because of the person you are, because of your tireless efforts to achieve what you feel you owe the woman in your life, because of all that you have given me - I am taking you to Hawaii!"

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