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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Surprise Renewal of Wedding Vows
Dedicated to Neal, my husband of 35 yrs

Submitted by Beth

It was our 35th Wedding Anniversary trip. Neal planned and surprised me with a renewal of wedding vows, a professional photographer, and a 4 course dinner on the beach for the 2 of us following the ceremony. He arranged for everything. He wrote the vows, had them oked by our Rabbi in NJ, hired Rev. Colleen Wheeler to officiate, her husband Bruce to take the official pictures. He said we were going to the beach to meet "friends he met on the internet" for drinks. I was totally surprised. Our 3 children were all in on it. No one let on through out the 5 months of planning. When we got to the beach Colleen told me Neal wanted to get me a Lei which she had. We exchanged Lei's in the Hawaiian tradition. She explained that the Lei's we were wearing were traditionally used for a wedding. With that Neal asked if I would marry him. I said yes. he said "then lets do it". I looked around there were only the 4 of on the beach...then Colleen reintroduced herself to me as Reverend and asked permission to perform the ceremony. I was in shock! It took almost the entire ceremony before I realized that Bruce was a professional wedding photographer and that Neal had hired him. In accordance with the Jewish tradition the bride and groom share a glass of wine. Neal had a set of champanee flutes engraved, "Just as Good the Second Time" with our names and the date. After the ceremony, Bruce asked where we were going to dinner and Neal responded, (pointing over our shoulders) over there.... while the ceremony was being performed a caterer came and set up a table for 2 with tiki torches and began to cook our meal.... It was sooooo romantic, after 35 years of marriage.... When we arrived home on my diningroom table was a Katuba (jewish marriage license) that Neal had ordered from Hawaii and had it calligraphied and ready for framing to hang in our home...all our friends and family are envious when I tell them this story...what a romantic guy.

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