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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to Roger D. Byington

Submitted by Janice

It was July 3rd and our Silver Anniversary. Our children brought, to our surprise, Utah versions of Hawaiian attire for us to wear. Next we were driven to a Hawaiian celebration in our honor. There as music and dancers who also tried to teach us how to hula. I just have to laugh when I think how funny we must have looked on stage as with every sway my skirt would loosen. Hawaiian pizza, and fruits were served to our family and friends. At the close of the evening my husband and I held hands and recited the unusual story of how we had meet and married, each telling it from a different viewpoint. We also told everyone that going to Hawaii had always been dream of ours, but with raising our family and taking care of elderly parents we had been unable to do so until that magical night. When our six beautiful children lead us to our decorated car, they gave us a key to a nearby rustic Bed & Breakfast. We had never lost that honeymoon feeling but being treated like newlyweds again was wonderful. As we looked at each other, my husband and I saw not the silver in our hair but the silver lining in our love. We have been truly blessed.

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