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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

I Love You Always
Dedicated to Eric McGuire

Submitted by Stephanie

We meet in 1989 it was our ninth grade year in school. I liked him right away he was very cute and had the cutiest red cheeks. I bribed him to take my home for a week after two days I was too nerouvs to ride with him and soon after that he transfered to another school. We went our separate ways, he meet and fell in love with a girl who was diagnosis with CF right after they meet, she passed away in 1996, and he vowed not to fall in love ever again. I my self had fallen in love only problem he wasn't in love with me. So I vowed never to fall in love again either. In Feburary 1999 our mutual friends invited us to go out with them and we all went out every weekend for a month until we wanted to go to the movies and they didn't. We have been together every since. He is the best thing that has ever happen to me, we got married March 21, 2002 and had our son September 11, 2002. We did not have a typical wedding we got married in Gatlinburg, Tenn, at one of those places you dress up like western wear clothes, (we didn't dress up.) We really didn't have a honeymoon I was five months pregnant and couldn't do a lot. I thought it would be a great surprise to go to Hawaii for our second year anniversary. He deserves a wonderful trip. He has been through a lot and works hard and is a wonderful father.

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