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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Mom's Dream
Dedicated to Alice Carmelo

Submitted by Polly

When I was a little girl I can remember my moms piggy bank. She had a great big chalk type pig that was ooo so cute. I remember mom used to say that she saved every extra penny because she wanted to go to Hawaii some day, that's my dream she'd say. The years went by and it seemed that the pig would never fill up. When I turned 21 mom told me she was getting ready to break open the pig and take her dream vacation, that night someone broke into mom's apartment and stole the pig. My heart sank I wished I could send her there and make everything all better. I never will forget that was the saddest I had ever seen my mom. (Our lives were not easy Mom worked very hard for her family and only got troubles for her trouble). To make a long story shor when she retired from work her boss gave her a big bonus. You guessed it, she got to go to Hawaii. The best part of that was she too me with her. I will never forget the joy she had in visiting your paradise. Every new thing she saw she oooed and ahhhed and I felt so happy and blessed to be with hera nd enjoy her enjoying herself. That was such a wonderful memory. Mom is gone now but it would be so wonderful to relive some of those everloving memories. I know the meaning of heartwarming love as most of what I remember about Hawaii is my mother's well earned joy.

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