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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Remember Hawaii?
Dedicated to My family

Submitted by Kay

A family trip can't be explained in either words or pictures. The true, down-deep story is only told in the flash of a smile, the twinkle in an eye, and the shared glance that says, "I remember - do you?" That's the kind of story our family wrote when we went to Hawaii.

Oh, sure, we'd done family trips before. We even knew all the jokes about, "Are we there yet," and "What stinks after three days? Fish and Family." We even knew that we were creating some pretty major expectations by flying the four of us to Hawaii over our Christmas vacation. We were celebrating several major achievements, including the college graduation of our daughter and our 25th wedding anniversary. The pressure was on.

And yet, the moment we hit Hawaii, the pressure was off. We rented a convertible and found our way easily out of the airport. Our hotel had an ocean view and exceeded expectations. We found we loved snorkeling and watching the surfers. We loved receiving and wearing lei's. We loved early mornings on the beach, and evening sunsets.

Most of all, we loved each other. Life was changing course, even if ever so slightly, and Hawaii was our transition. Our firstborn was leaving, seeking a start to her own career, just as we were thinking of slowing our career pace down a little. As we immersed ourselves in the beauty, the friendliness, and, yes, in the tourist trappings, we found comfort in being outside our comfort zone - and finding that we were still happy. At the core of our happiness was the love in our family, and the pure enjoyment we found in being with each other as adults.

Not everyone is so fortunate, and that fact alone is probably enough to make us appreciate such love even more. Hawaii didn't create our joy, but it sure provided a great setting to bring it out and make it shine. It is that memory of Hawaii that tells our family story - so that in a smile, in a twinkle, or in a glance we can say, "Remember Hawaii? That love is with you still." No, you can't explain what we experienced in Hawaii in words or in photos. It only lives in our hearts.

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