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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Best Freinds For Life
Dedicated to Xoxo

Submitted by Whitney

My best friend and I had known each other since we were little and it never crossed my mind that he would ever have feelings for me. One day I was sitting in the park reading( which was where I always was)when he came and stood over me and said,"I love you."I looked up, and there was my best friend from diapers standing over me, looking like he needed me, like he desperately wanted me. He sat down and started to explain when he fell in love with me, which was when we were 12 years old, and sitting here at 19, he never even once showed any kind of feeling for me, or not that I payed any attention to. He told me how bueatiful I was from age 12 and that he thought and even dreamed about me day and night. He said he thought it was just puppy love at first but it never went away. As he sits and tells me this, I remember things that makes me believe him because it seems so unreal. Like when we were 12 and I dropped my ice cream, most boys at that age would laugh, but he gave me his and told me not to cry, and when we were 15 and I sprain my ankle, he carried my 14 blocks to my house and stayed there until he knew, for sure, that I was all right. After I stop thinking, I realize that he is still talking and then I hear him say, " will you like to go out Friday night to a movie, and delightfully and reply,"I would love to." We dated for 2 years and on the day he told me he loved me, he proposed. I was speechless and crying so hard all I could do was reply by shaking my head yes. As he put the ring on my finger, there was a little piece of paper attached to it which read,"HAWAII,"I look at him with tears rolling down my face and and as he started to shake his head like, yes baby, we're going, I started to cry even harder, and all he can do to not see me cry is embrace me and smile. We get married a year later and for the honeymoon of course we head to Hawaii. On the plane he tells me our honeymoon will last for a month, and I really didn't understand why but I was glad. When we got there we threw all of our suitcases on the floor and he said, " come here." As a started to walk closer to him,

he takes one step and grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him and starts to kiss me slowly and gently.Then he sits me on the bed and starts to tell me how he wouldn't and couldn't have dreamed of marring a women more wonderful and bueatiful than me and that he thought he would have been old and gray when he told he loved me but he thanked god he did it sooner.Then he takes a necklace out of his pocket and puts it on my neck and tells me that he has had it for 7 years, since my 13th birthday,he said he was always scared to give it to me because of the way I would react, but tonight is even better than 7 years ago.After that night( of romance) we really did't become has husband and wife, but best friends who made a higher commitment to each other than your "temporary" best friends. We were already in paradise, but in my heart we were in heaven. That month was just a preview of our lives together, and I was defintely looking forward to it. When we came back home, every one was gald to see us and we were gald to see them. After about 3 weeks of us coming back home, I got up every morning with morning sickness, and I wondered to myself could it be? So the next day we go to the doctor and yes, I'm pregnant. He embraces me with his big, musular body and I start to cry.When he looks at me a tear rolls down his face and he says, I love you and I reply, I love you more. After a few months, I find out, I'm having triplets! That comes to show you all the happiness you can get from just a friend....

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