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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

A Murphey's Law Day
Dedicated to Chris Lierman, the love of my life

Submitted by Megan

"If we'd ever leave a legacy, its that we loved each other well." - Indigo Girls

Everyone knows Murphy's Law; anything that can go wrong, will, in great abundance. This would be the story of my life. The only minor difference is that everything that could go wrong, did, but with the right results.

I joined the Air Force when I was seventeen. Less than three weeks after graduation, I shipped out, and left the best friend I have ever had behind. I realized I was in-love with Chris weeks before I left. It was too late to try and start a relationship. I was going to Texas, and soon, he would be going to Seattle for school.

Thank the Lord for Murphey. I was discharged from the Air Force in time to go on the road trip with Chris. From Baton Rouge to Idaho, I kept my mouth shut. He knew something was up, but I said nothing. Why would he love me? I wasn't good enough for Chris Lierman. I was an Air Force reject. In Idaho, I decided to stay. I had family there, and I couldn't be around him anymore. So I found a job, and tried to settle down. September 11th happened, and I realized how short life is, and that I may loose Chris before I get a chance to tell him. So I told him. He didn't know quite how to take it. Chris had never been in-love, and no one had been in-love with him.

I, soon after, moved back to Louisiana. Not long after, Chris came home for Christmas. We hung out the first week of his Christmas break nearly twenty-four hours a day, even sleeping in the same room, because we didn't want to waist a second of the time we had together.

Finally, two days after Christmas, I gave up. I wanted to be alone, and never hear his voice, see his face, again. It was killing me slowly. I kissed him good-bye with full intentions of walking out of the room and never looking back. Chris finally understood that someone could love him, and that he was good enough. We spent that whole night talking and holding each other. We needed to be loved, and we, for the first time in our lives, were loved. We've been together 18 months now.

We're getting married on December 27th, our 2 year anniversary, and honeymooning in Hawaii, if money allows. However, I'm a preschool teacher, and he's a student. Our honeymoon may just have to be a few nights in Seattle. As long as we're together, it doesn't matter.

My life never really goes as planned. I planned on joining the military, and making that my home and family. I planned on never telling Chris how I felt. I planned on him telling me that "We're just friends," and I wasn't his "type."

Thank you Murphy!

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