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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Stranded In Paradise
Dedicated to Our Parents

Submitted by Desiree

Stranded in Paradise
You won't find a honeymoon story like this!

We were scheduled to set sail on a Hawaiian Cruise on May 24, 2003. We flew in to Oahu to enjoy a day on the island and a Honeymoon package at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the most beautiful hotel we've been to with beachfront access. I was sad to say bye as we were taxied to the Aloha Tower to embark on our vacation. Be careful what you wish for!

To our surprise and soon the travel agents we were denied aboard the cruise line. We did not have proper documentations, our passports. We are US Citizens and had our Birth Certificates with us. I was in tears while he was devastated when they told us the only thing they can provide us with was a "distressed rate" at a local hotel for one night to get back on our feet.

As we laid in bed the news reported the original ship we were scheduled to sail had an explosion that day in the broiler room that had killed 4 and injured 22. Two months before sailing the doctor advised us to stay in the country and reschedule our cruise due to his stress related health condition of Ulcerative Colitis. Face it, we were not destined to be on a cruise.

Since our meals and activities were included in our cruise we had money wired and taken out of our savings to survive our 7 remaining days in Hawaii. The next day he had a flare up and was in bed all day from the stress while I made accommodations for remainder of our honeymoon. To top it off we had a third party booking and they charged to the wrong card, which cost us overdraft fees.

The remainder of our trip is another chapter that was beautiful and lived to the fullest, while at home our travel agent admits to the mistake and flew us back first class. We are still out a couple thousand, even though we had paid for insurance on the cruise. Now we are left with twisted story to tell and a very memorable honeymoon. Without our parents help we would not have the opportunity island hop and see the beauties of the Hawaiian Islands.

We love you,
Thank you!

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