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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Our special time in Kauai
Dedicated to Our Grandchildren

Submitted by Walter

When we were married June 25, 1994, we could only go a short distance on our honeymoon. When we had the money and time, we decided to go to Hawaii, because it was known for romance.

Walt & I had lived on Oahu at different times. I was previously married and went there in 1961, where I lived for 2 1/2 yrs. Walt lived there in 1950, when his dad was stationed there. Little did either of us know that our lives would come full circle.

When we finally decided to go to Hawaii, we decided on Kauai, because of the "no rush, layed back, no late night partying, vacation". It was wonderful and we have been back twice and plan on going again next year for our anniversary.

We take little excursions off the tourist path, and we love it. Aloha Hawaii, we are coming back to bathe in your loving arms, with all your beautiful people.

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