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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Make A Wish...
Dedicated to Earl Bichel

Submitted by Cathi

For our 20th anniversary my husband Earl and I took our dream trip to Hawaii. We spent 10 wonderful days exploring the islands. We experienced the culture, history and Aloha Festival on Oahu. Went snuba diving with a shark and enjoyed the glorious beauty of a sunset dinner cruise on Maui. On the Big Island we viewed the water falls, Mauna Loa macadamia nut groves and flew over Kilauea Iki in a helicopter.

It was on the Big Island that we also enjoyed the pageantry of the reopening of the Liliuokalani Gardens - over 30 acres with lanterns, pagodas and bridges. On the day we visited it was reopening after several months of refurbishing. The He Halia O Liliuokalani Royal Court oversaw the many activities.

While we walked through the garden Hawaiian music was playing and a helicopter flew overhead dropping white orchids. I picked one up and placed it in my hair. I enjoyed it's fragrance while watching children performing traditional dances. We were handed free ice cream and explored the craft and food booths.

Then we walked across the near by foot bridge to Coconut Island. Not much in itself but the sunset from here is beautiful. While standing on the bridge I told my husband that I'd heard that if you drop flowers into the water off Hawaii and they are carried back in to the shore you will return someday. Taking the orchid from my hair Earl and I dropped it into the water and kissed on a wish to return to Hawaii within five years. We didn't stay to watch because we would be crushed if the flower was swept away.

It must have returned to the shore. After saving for three years we are planning to return to Hawaii in the fall of 2003. We are very excited and want to include the island of Kauai this time. I think I will again drop flowers into the water off Hawaii with that same wish...

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