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Love Stories of Hawaii


Never Won Anything
Dedicated to Jesse

Submitted by Dina

I never won anything, until now. Jesse is my finance, and we will be married this August. I feel I have never won anything, from contests, to lottery drawings, to even feeling lucky. I am not a negative person, but my finance tells me I have a habit of looking at the glass 1/2 empty, and he looks at it 1/2 full. Well I have being trying to change my attitude lately. Being more positive seems to bring happier things around me, good luck, people, love, health, and many much more. So this is my first try at being positive. I am tell myself I have never won anything, when in reality, I am very fortunate. I have a wonderful, caring, healthy family. And meeting Jesse, and looking forward to marry him, has got to be the luckiest thing in the world. So I would like to give some of that good fortunate back, but winning this Hawaii trip. I would like to share with others, what they have given me, and what better place to do it, but in Hawaii.

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