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Love Stories of Hawaii


"our Hawaiian Wedding"
Dedicated to Ryan and our baby boy Spencer

Submitted by Candis

Well it hasn't happened yet, yes you know what I am talking about. THE WEDDING! I am so nervous that no one will show, or that our families will clash, or what if no one likes my Hawaiian themed, casual wedding?

I myself think it is a good idea along with my fiance Ryan. We figured that since we already started things out "backwards", meaning having a kid first, and me only being 18, that we shouldn't expect people to want to come to some large, magnificant wedding. I myself wouldn't want to for some one else in my position. Instead we are going to save money by having it at his grandparents cottage, on a lake! I am going to wear, yes, a white, but casual, dress. Actually it is probably going to be a ninty-nine dollar dress, off the clearance rack, from Marshall feilds, in the mall. The groom, Ryan, is going to wear a white tux, but change after wards to shorts with a hawaiian shirt! I am excited because all my friends from high school are going to be there, along with my family. Well the big date is still 4 months away, and we just decided on this date, so we are actually just starting to plan this extrodinary event. But I dont think it is all about what I wear, if I've already had a kid, who's coming and who's not, because we both love eachother, and I think we are proving it by sticking together in the thick and think parts of our lifes!

I figured for our center pieces, that we would of course have flowers, orchirds and hibiscus, Hawaiian ordered flowers,& that we would supply mini- containers of sun tan lotion, and mini- fans, along with a beach ball, and a wedding favor, maybe chocolate or actually probably something that wont melt. We our having a pig roast with a help yourself style buffett, that I know his family will enjoy, they dont stop eating! Which you wouldnt be able to tell by looking at them. Also we decided to hand out leis to all of the guest! So I hope to report back to you that it was a hugh hit, and everyone enjoyed themselves, but if they dont, TO BAD, because I am going to marry the father of my wonderful little boy, and the man that I cant help but fall in love with over and over again when I look at his beautiful face, with his glistening white teeth and wonderful like father like son, large brown eyes!!

So wish me luck, this is my honey moon to Hawaii that I cant afford. " OUR HAWAIIAN WEDDING!"

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