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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Our Rendez-vous
Dedicated to My Sambo

Submitted by Monique

At the moment where my life seemed to be a complete disaster, you came into the picture as a savior. After a marriage of 5 years, with years of emotional and physical abuse, my ex-husband decided that he abused me enough and decided to get rid of me. At that time I was living in Germany and had to go back to Holland, without a house, job, or money. Thanks to family and friends I got all that figured out. Back to Germany, I was just getting into the office, after being physically abused again in the car, and totally upset, without trying to show colleagues what happened (afterwards I found out that they already noticed a long time ago, that their boss (my ex) was abusing me) and guess what I received an email from a long time ago high school friend. I had always been his first and only love, although he was married with 2 kids. His support during these coming weeks was invaluable. We decided to have a date and du moment he came in it was as if I was coming home, the chemistry between us was just amazing, I didn't notice anything else, just his blue eyes and his smile. We started our love story, with a lot of going back and forth, children wife, etc. We were joking around that he would only move in when I had crackers and chocolate sprinklers in the house for his breakfast. Then one morning, 2 months after our date, he phoned me and asked if I had it in the house!!!! That was 3 years ago and he has made it possible that I have forgiven my ex, but I will never forget it, it will haunt me in unexpected moments for the rest of my life. Therefore, I want us to get married in Hawaii and take our vows in a beautiful place like Hawaii, to fulfill a secret wish of my one and only Sambo. Even though, we will not win the price, I herewith would like to thank you for the great amounts of love and support you have given me over these years, you have made it possible for me to enjoy my life again to the fullest. I love you more than life itself.

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