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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

The Circle of Life
Dedicated to James

Submitted by Andrea

This is a pretty amazing story, one of which I have been asked to put into print many a time. It all started 15 years ago in Cananda. I knew James in a purely plutonic way, and we would meet at relitives of mine. We always enjoyed each others company, but never did it turn to anything more.

I have 2 grown children, and in 2001 I happened to receive his address from a freind. I was single at the time. I was living at home with my Dad, and he had a computer, that I had started fooling around with. I lived in Ontario, Canada, and Jim lived on the main-land. I e-mailed James with my fathers address atttached. He wass at work when he got a e-mail from Frank Jezerak????. He was dubeouse about opening it, because of all the spam on the internet. Well he decided to chance her and whopped out load, when it was from me. I had forgotton, but I had promised to write him when I last saw him in Canada. We progressed from a e-mail a day to 5-10 a day. After which he phoned me a few times. Before Christmas 2001 asked me if I wanted to come up to see him if he sent me a ticket, no strings attached. As I always had a soft spot for the guy, I said yes, but not when.

I had a semi-date with two guys at the family Christmas party, just meaning we woud all turn up single. I had'nt decided which one I wanted to date if any. As Jim and I became closer, and closer, I decided that the party, was not where I wanted to spend Christmas. So about a week before the big day, I called James, and said what you doing Christmas??????. He could'nt beleive I wanted to spend it with him!!.

The tickets were there in about 2 days. You should have seen me jumping around the house. It was a dream come true!!. You see I felt like I was already in love with James at that time. Departure time was Dec 24th, for 5 weeks. My Dad was against it, but I went anyway.

The day came, and I boarded the long flight to Ontario in LA on the main land. I was a bit nervouse of flying and the whole bit, but the airline got me their in one peice. Went through normal proceedures for departing the plane. To get to baggage claim I had to go down the esculator, where I saw Jim aain for the first time in awhile. Well talk about stupid moves, I tripped over my cane on the esculator!!!...I did a little dance and with my red face, joined Jim at the bottom, unhurt, except my pride. I was still in shock I suppose, cause when James when to hug me, I pushed him away. We got my heavey bags, James gave me a necklace of flowers, and we drove to his place.

We stayed up and talked all night, I can't remember any of what was said, just Jims eyes, and smile. The next morning was Christmas Day. As I manuvered myself around his fishing rods in the bathroom, to get back out, I heard Jim calling for me. We exchanged pleasentries, and such. He told me to look under the ficus, which was doubling as a Christmas tree. Under there I found 3 gifts that were from Jim. I could have cryed. He got me jewery which matced the colors I like to wear. I had'nt thought to get him anything, 2cd embarrassing moment!.

In those first 4 weeks we had the best timeI have ever had in my life, with another person. We saw the sights, and ate out, but mosty I just wanted to be home with Jim. Our 4th week we decided to make things permante. So we drove to Mexico, got a ring, then drove to Vegas. It happend in such a blurr, and talk about being wisked off your feet. We stayed the first night,, played a few games and saw a show. The next morning after breakfast, we brought up marraige. Jim said lets do it!, and I aggreed. So we went through the phone book and found us a drive by Chapel. Made a apt, then got our marrage liecene. I said I had no clothes to where to get married in so I got married in my evening dress. Jim just put on a suit. I think I laughed through the whole ceramony, Jim was shaking a bit.

Well, my time was up, and I had to go back to Canada, where I keep my marrage a secret. (MOSTLY). Jim never told any one either. We were only to be apart as long as my test results came back, and I could pack. It turned out to be three months. Jim would write to me, and sang me a song called over the rainbow, I mention this cause he was stil working in LA.

I still never told my family, nor he his untill I got back to him. But by this time he was transfered to Hawaii, with his job. Land of the Rainbows and where wishes realy do come true!!.

To end this part of our story, I would like to say I love it in Hawaii, the people, the flowers, just everything. Most people come here for their Honny Moon, we came to live.
Now we have a town house, a cute little dog named Buddy, and a little trouble maker of a cat called C.C.

Our adventures are far from over, we just had our one yr aniversary Jan 22 2003. Our bond is strong, and I can honestly say we must have been meant to be together. We plan on spending our vacation on the Island, the house and all. But just having time to spend together where ever we are is good enough for me!. Our Marrage certificate we plan on hanging on the wall, as a conversation peice.

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