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Love Stories of Hawaii


Love Stories Written By A Mother
Dedicated to My two lovely brides to be.

Submitted by Anne

How wonderful it is to see one's daughters happy and in love. I am a lucky mother of three beautiful ladies who have found three wonderful mates. I feel fortunate, as I was not a good roll model for them. I was unlucky when I chose my mate and raised them with as much love as a mother can give on her own, always trying to build their self-image as women.

I found my daughter's fiancÚ on the Internet, while searching for a job for her. They fell in love almost immediately and have been together for 4 years. I worried that, because of me, the fear of commitment was embedded in her, and that she would decide never to marry. Now both in their late thirties, and to my delight, they are going to vow their love to each other in a Hawaiian ceremony on the Island of Kauai on June 27, 2003.

The beautiful story doesn't end here. My youngest daughter was introduced to her fiancÚ by my best girlfriend. Thank heaven for intelligent girlfriends. Their first date was June 29, 2001, they were engaged June 29, 2002 and they too will be married in Kauai on June 29, 2003. This will be a weekend that I will remember for the rest of my life.

And now my two beautiful daughters will celebrate their male ana surrounded by the beauty and romance of the Hawaiian Islands. And I will be the proud and ecstatically happy mother with tears in her eyes and a hau'oli pu'uwai.

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