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Love Stories of Hawaii


"Childhood Dreams Never Die"
Dedicated to "The Enduring Aloha Spirit"

Submitted by Lukia-Peke

Throughout my life the Islands of Hawaii have been a big part of my memories. The first, comes thirty-two years ago, January 1970 when my mother attended a KFC Convention with her fiancÚ and returned married. They showered my brother and I with all sorts of souvenirs. Sugar canes that I fell in love with that only took a couple of days to finish. Different shapes, colors and all sizes of shells quickly decorated our house. The most impressionable item she brought back was an Album of the Hilo Hawaiians "Honeymoon in Hawaii". It included a fifty-eight-page book attached, filled with the history, some language, and places to visit with descriptions and beautiful photographs. It eventually became mine and I have carried it with me every since. They also brought back photographs of the Rainbow Hotel and the pool where they stayed, multicolored fish at the Ala Moana Shopping Center and other exciting places they went, and a very beautiful short blue and white flowered dress. For hours I would listen, read, sing and dance along to Nani Waialeale and Aloha Oe. I vowed then that someday I would marry and have a honeymoon there and where that same dress.

They returned again the following year and again we were left behind. This time, I received a grass skirt with a top and pretty lei. I quickly turned on the album of Hawaiian music and began to pretend that I was born to Hula. In Fifth grade, for some reason I felt like a pro and my teacher asked me to perform in front of the class. What was I thinking? Wish-full thinking; that's what.

At 16 my friend next door asked me to go to Hawaii for the summer with her and stay with her sister who was in the Navy. I had to turn her down due to lack of funds. Again, I missed my chance and received lots of postcards and photos. At 18 our senior trip was in Hawaii for 7 days. Well, one more time, left behind. Now at 41, I still hold on to those childhood dreams and yearn to experience the Aloha everyone comes back to tell me about. My now husband of 2 years come April 1, just retired from the Navy and he was stationed there for four years. He says he never had the chance to see much of it as a Malihini. Is that fate or what? I figure if I can't get to Hawaii, I'll just decorate my lanai/dinning area and my downstairs entertainment room, in ways that would remind me of being in Hawaii. I now listen to BaBa B and 2 Island Rhythm CD's, and we wear Hawaiian Heirloom wedding rings with our names on them. I leave out books about Hawaii so that my children and I will know where we want to go if we ever get there, and we will arrive proud and filled with the Aloha spirit.

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