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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Linda's Birthday Weekend
Dedicated to Nancy

Submitted by Alex

The car lurched and bumped along the winding dirt road to the lake. It was a cold gray day and snow was forecast. I really enjoyed the lake in the summer when the other families were there but I couldn't get used to the cold and loneliness during the winter. Bob wanted to spend a romantic weekend at the cabin to celebrate my birthday and I didn't have the heart to tell him how I really felt.

To make things worse I knew our daughter Jennifer couldn't call to wish me happy birthday. The cabin had no phone and cell phones didn't work in the area. I really missed Jennifer, our only child. Her husband Dave had a two year assignment in Japan and it would be another year before they returned.

When we reached the cabin Bob went to the shed to get wood for the fire and I unloaded the car. I placed my birthday presents on the kitchen table and carefully examined them. The one from Bob sounded like a toaster which would not be unexpected as the old one had died during our last visit to the cabin. The parcel from Japan felt like rice crackers.

By dinner time we had everything under control. The fire was crackling in the fireplace and the cabin was getting warm. Outside snow was falling and daylight was fading across the lake. I think Bob could tell that I needed cheering up. "Linda, I've made some hot chocolate. Let's sit by the fire and you can open your presents."

I opened the present from Bob first. It was a toaster, a very nice white one with wide slots. I opened the one from Jennifer and Dave very carefully so as not to damage the stamps. There were several packages of colorful rice crackers, a tin of green tea and a beautiful lacquer bowl with a card inside. As I read the card I couldn't help choking up. "Happy Birthday Mom and guess what, Dave has a conference in Hawaii next month and we will be there for two weeks. Best of all, Dad and I have been making secret plans and the two of you will be joining us!"

Bob's face lit up with a big grin. As I looked out the window, the reality of the snow settling on the trees mixed with thoughts of swaying palm trees and waves crashing over sand. I knew that this weekend at the cabin would be one the my best birthdays ever!

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