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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Where are you from
Dedicated to The Three C's

Submitted by Helen

MOMMY! where did you come from? A question my three grandchildren are starting to ask my daughter-in-law more often now as they grow older. She tells them in a beautiful land quite far away. Where you wake to the sound of the surf on the beach, the sun shines down on palm trees, coconut grow wild and the sweet smell of pineapple lingers in the air. She tries to recall the memory of a place she hasn't seen since only a child herself. Where most of her relatives still live although most would not recognize the beautiful women she has become. Their dark eyes are wide with excitement when she tells them some day we may all get to go their so I can show you where I went to school, played on the beach, and learned to do the hulla dance. She tries to picture her children with flowers in their hair and the sweet smell of the lei around their neck. My son, smiles knowing that as a professional fireman it will be a long time before a trip home will be manageable. But till then their are three children who dream of sandy beaches, palm trees with coconuts, and sweet smell of pineapple (their favorite fruit)and MOMMY who dreams of one day going home to Hawaii.........Aloha

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