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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Promise
Dedicated to Matthew Ewton

Submitted by Kathy

Growing up, I had always dreamed of a beautiful wedding as girls often do, but it was a dream that would have to wait. With money scarce, and a seven-month-old daughter to raise, the only wedding that my fiancÈ Matt and I could afford was a civil ceremony: a city hall wedding. Gone were the wedding gown, flowers, music, friends and family, and church. We had both wanted so much more for each other, but it wasn't meant to be. I told Matt that the wedding wasn't what was important, our marriage was. Yet he swore to me on our wedding day that we would have that picturesque wedding... one day.

We spoke of that elusive dream wedding from time to time, but money was always scarce. As the years passed, our growing family always took precedence. "Maybe on our fifth anniversary!" "Maybe on our eighth anniversary!" we would say. But each momentous occasion came and went like the one before. We celebrated our tenth anniversary more in love than ever, and also expecting our fifth child.

I had long since dismissed the idea of a wedding, an unattainable dream. My husband, however, never forgot the promise he made to me. It had been delayed long enough, and he was going to make our dream a reality. As our eleventh anniversary approached, he started to make arrangements. It wasn't going to be just any ceremony. He wanted to have it in the place of my dreams: Hawaii!

With a limited budget, we had to make all the arrangements ourselves. From our home in Colorado, we had to arrange the church, the minister, the pianist, the florist, the photographer, the wedding cake, a tuxedo rental, and a way to transport the wedding gown without it looking like it just came out of a suitcase. So many wonderful people from the island of Kauai went all out to transform our dream into reality.

When our day finally came, I couldn't have imagined it so perfect! The Wai'oli Hui'ia Church in Hanalei was absolutely stunning! The florist had done a magnificent job with the flowers. Kahu Steve and our pianist presented us with a fantastic ceremony. My oldest daughter was the Maid of Honor, two daughters were bridesmaids, my youngest daughter was the flower girl, and my son, at 13 months old, was the Best Man. With tears in my eyes, I walked down the aisle in my beautiful wedding gown. Tourists stopped to watch and photograph our ceremony. Afterward, locals honked their horns and shouted congratulations to us as they drove by. It was as though the entire island of Kauai had made this day just for us. It seemed as if everyone and everything had paused for that magical moment in time to be a part of this wonderful experience!

Mahalo to Kauai for giving us the best day of our lives.

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